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    Keith Hudson

    I’m trying to create multiple configurations for my new form, and when I open a form using ”
    …./newform.aspx?FormConfig=auto” the system shows me a message that no config exists and asks me if I want to use an existing config. I say yes and choose one, and click “Resotore”. The page refreshes (I see a new splash screen) and again I get the message “This form has no existing DFFS configuration. Do you want to start from one of the configuration [sic] already created for this list?”

    If I say Yes, I am in an endless loop of prompts that no config exists for this form. If I say No, I get taken to my custom config, with no config. I can then import the configuration rules from another configuration.

    I was having this issue using the version of DFFS dated 2018-02-12 so I updated to the version dated 2018-14-15 and still have the same issue.

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    Alexander Bautz

    It seems I have a bug in the Restore functionality that fails to apply the query string to the cloned item. I’ll look into it, but as a workaround you can open the list “SPJS-DynamicFormsForSharePoint”, locate the newly created item and manually append ?FormType=auto to the Title.


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