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    I need to wrap the {Title} field in my DFFS email with the Current Item URL. This would enable the email recipient to click the link in the email and be taken directly to the Display form for that item. Any suggestions welcome.


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    Hi Mike

    Have you tried creating the HTML string in the body of the message?

    The tooltip on the body field says;

    Subject and Body
    This value can be a plain text or HTML. See help tab for instructions on how to use MUI.

    You can use the current value from a field in the message by using the FieldInternalName in curly braces like this:
    Use this in the Body to insert a link to the current items DispForm or EditForm:
    You can wrap it in an anchor tag like this:

    <a href="{viewitemlink}">Link to item</a>

    So try;

    <a href="{viewitemlink}">{Title}</a>


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    Thanks! Works great. I knew it had to be something simple and just forgot to look at Alexander’s very helpful Tool Tip.

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