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Thank you Alex. The list is a change request intake list so the new item form gives pulls in existing details to the item they are wanting to change so they can see the existing data followed by a field near it for them to tell us what they need to change it to. most of the ‘current’ data fields are pulled using Cascading Dropdowns except for these 2 because they are multiline text fields. i.e. the screen shots show a vlookup for ‘Current Definition’ followed by a ‘New Definition’ for their entry. when the form is saved, the list will notified all appropriate people that need to review the change so having the vlookup column display the content next to the ‘new’ helps them see what they are changing from and to. The form is not intended to automatically update the original list source on any way. It’s only a centralized tool for change requests to be reviewed and the submitter can come back to it and check the approval status. Attaching a partial screenshot of the ‘TO’ list. Hope this helps. Ü