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After a bit of poking I got it to sort of work by grabbing the html for the tooltip from the hidden tooltip in the background with some jquery:

1. create a target span in the html tooltip, where the custom attrivute targettooltip is the field internal name of the orginal column with the tooltip:

</br><h4>Please select the sites you are providing the information for below: <span class = "customTooltipFromDffs" targettooltip = "Sites"></span></h4></br>

2. run this function on form load in a rule:

function assignCustomTooltips(){
	 var customTooltipTargets = $("span.customTooltipFromDffs");
	 customTooltipTargets.each(function(index, element){
		 var tooltipTargetInternalName = $(this).attr("targettooltip")
		 var toolTipHtml =$("div#tooltip_" + tooltipTargetInternalName);

Result in attachment. Will likely have to add some error handling for graceful failure etc. Still I need to figure out the best way of aligning the tooltip to the end of the text of the H4 elegently somehow, but that is a problem for the next attempt 🙂