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New theme

An update broke my old site theme and I had to change it. I’m not happy with the layout, but will try to fix it during the weekend.

Unfortunately the archives page also broke – I will fix it as soon as I can manage.


SharePoint 2013 with IE11: L_Menu_BaseUrl and L_Menu_LCID are undefined

In many of my solutions I have used two variables (L_Menu_BaseUrl and L_Menu_LCID) that SharePoint provides trough the master page. Unfortunately these variables disappeared when I updated to IE 11, thus halting all the scripts using them with this error:

‘L_Menu_BaseUrl’ is undefined
‘L_Menu_LCID’ is undefined

This problem is present in SP2013 in IE11 only, and the strange thing is that if you switch on the compatibility mode (or changes the user agent string using F12) the variables return.

As a workaround, put the site in compatibility mode (Tools menu in IE), or insert this code in the top of the script that produces this error:

if(typeof _spPageContextInfo !== "undefined" && _spPageContextInfo.webUIVersion === 15){
	var L_Menu_BaseUrl = L_Menu_BaseUrl || _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl !== "/" ? _spPageContextInfo.webServerRelativeUrl : "";
	var L_Menu_LCID = L_Menu_LCID || _spPageContextInfo.currentLanguage.toString();

I will update scripts as soon as I can manage.


The SharePoint JavaScripts blog has been moved to a new server

Hi all followers!

I have decided to move the blog from to a self-hosted WordPress server for better control.

To ensure your receive email notifications when I post new articles, please enter your email address in the form in the top right corner of my blog

I have added a redirect on my old URL, but if you accessed this site trough the old URL, you should update your bookmark for direct access. The new blog is found here:

You find my blog here:
You can also follow @SPJavaScripts on Twitter

Stay tuned,

Status update

Hi all,
I’ll be unavailable for about a week and will not answer any comments or requests during this period.

I still have a good 200 emails / comments I have not had the time to answer, and a few of you are waiting for updates on solutions.

I had hoped to publish an updated version of Dynamic Forms for SharePoint: Production which integrates Tabs for SharePoint forms v2.0, and vLookup type rollup for SharePoint during the past week, but unfortunately this did not happen.

Stay tuned and I’ll be back after a little stretch in the sun.


Status update

Hi all,
I have been more or less absent the past few weeks, and just wanted to let you know the status.

I have published many solutions over the past years, and I get a lot of questions related to setup problems, feature requests and requests regarding updating older solutions to support new browser versions or new jQuery releases.

I have always tried to answer all requests and questions, but must draw the white flag and say that I no longer can find time to answer them all – I simply cannot spend every night in front of my computer. I have a full time job working with SharePoint, and I feel I have overdosed on SharePoint a bit lately.

I have to prioritize a bit differently, and spending time with my wife and kids outrank blogging…

I will still be answering comments and try my best to maintain the solutions I have already published, but it will be less activity regarding new solutions for a while.

Stay tuned, and it will come some new stuff – just not so often as it used to.