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Upcoming changes in license types and price for DFFS

The following changes to the Dynamic forms for SharePoint license types (and prices) will take effect on April 1, 2016.

New SITE license

The entry level license for DFFS will be scoped to a single SITE. This new license will be priced at $50.

You can buy as many as these as you like, but if you need more than 5 within the same site collection, you should go for a SITE COLLECTION license.

Changed price on the SITE COLLECTION license

The new price on the SITE COLLECTION license will be $250.

The reason for this relatively large increase in price on the SITE COLLECTION license is basically that I have priced this to low from the very beginning.

The current price simply doesn’t cover the time I spend supporting and developing the solution.

This change will NOT be applied retroactively, and will therefore not affect SITE COLLECTION licenses purchased prior to this date.

Partner program

From the same date these changes take effect, I’ll update the “reward program / partner program” to let individual consultants or other companies register as partners.

More information about the “application” for partners will be published soon.

The “Consultant license” will no longer be in use after this change takes effect.


Partner that conveys the sale of a SITE COLLECTION (or better) license will be eligible to receive a 10% payback. This payback requires the partner to be registered prior to the purchase, and requires a PayPal account (to receive the payback).

nSPTiles: Windows style tiles for SharePoint by Anchal Nigam

Some time ago Anchal Nigam asked if it was OK to make a spin-off based on my SharePoint 2013 style tiles solution.

This was no problem to say yes to as my tiles solution has fallen a bit behind on the updates due to other projects – mostly DFFS.

I have now finally fond the time to try out his solution, and it is great!

There is a lot more configuration options than in my original version, and best of all: it has a GUI to create or edit the tiles directly in a grid on the page.

Check it out here:

nSPTilesImage borrowed from the Wikipedia article on Bart Simpson

Please note

This is not a sponsored review. I have written this as a courtesy to Anchal.  I have nothing to do with this solution, and therefore all related questions must be posted in the page linked above.



License agreement for Site collection scoped licenses has been updated

Based on feedback from “corporate users” I have decided to remove the “100 user limit” for the Site collection scoped license.

This means that the “Site collection license” and the “Corporate user license” can now be used in site collections with more than 100 users without violating the license terms.

Read more about the updated license terms here.

Best regards,

Cascading dropdowns updated to v3.30

I have posted a small update to SPJS-Casc.js to fix these issues:

  • Added support for autofilling values when using “Autofill subsequent dropdowns when they contain only one valid option.” in DFFS.
  • Changed the jQuery variable from $ to spjs.$ to fix a bug with SharePoints internal file “assetpicker.js” as this one kills jQuery.

Get the updated version here

You find the article describing the solution here, and you find the dedicated forum here.


SPJS-Utility.js is updated to v1.200

I have updated SPJS-utility.js to v1.200. I have changed the file so all functions are now part of the “spjs.utility” namespace. I have included support for existing code using the old function names as well. There are not many changes to the functionality, but a few small changes to setFieldValue and getFieldValue related to various bugs reported from DFFS.

Get the updated version here

This file has always contained “internal” functions used in various solutions, but you can use the functions in your custom code. Unfortunately there is not documentation made at this point, but you can post questions in the SPJS-Utility forum.


Dynamic Forms for SharePoint v4: User manual

All users who buy a license for DFFS v4 will receive a 30 pages complete manual describing all settings.

Already have a DFFS v3.x license?

Users who have an existing DFFS v3.x license are also entitled to receiving this manual. You must drop me an email, and include the original license code.

Licens codes in the user profile

For registered forum users I add the license codes to the user profile. You can access this by clicking your name in the top right corner and selecting “Edit My Profile”.

For users with a DFFS v3.x license I’ll need you to send me a request for adding this code to the profile. Include the original license code in the email.

Register for a forum user

You find the link to sign up for a user account here.

My email address

You find my email address in the “About me” tab in the top link bar in this page.

Where can I buy a license?

See the “Products” menu in the top of this page.

All questions regarding DFFS v4 must be added to the forum

DFFS v4 forum