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    Gerard Graham

    Hi there

    I have a list and a vlookup to a library of documents. In IE, clicking on the name of a document results in the document being opened from the library so that changes can be saved directly. The behaviour in Chrome from the vLookup is to download the document to the local temp folder so that changes would not automatically be saved to the document in the library. Accessing the same document in Chrome directly from the library opens the document for editing.

    Anyone know of a way of changing the behaviour of the link in the vLookup in Chrome to open the document for editing?



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    Alexander Bautz

    You can try adding this code to the Custom JS in DFFS:

    function openWordAndExcelFiles(a,item){
        var docName = item.get_item("FileLeafRef");
        var link = makeAbsUrl(item.get_item("FileDirRef") + "/" + docName);
    		case "docx":
    			a = "<a href='ms-word:ofe|u|"+link+"'>"+docName+"</a>";
    		case "xlsx":
    			a = "<a href='ms-excel:ofe|u|"+link+"'>"+docName+"</a>";
    	return a;

    Then use this in the “Special configuration” for the field “FileLeafRef” in the viewfields section in vLookup config:


    PS: This URI scheme only works with Office 2010 SP2 and newer.


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