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    Ben H

    Hi Alexander,
    I am trying to fill the ‘Raised by’ and ‘Responsible’ fields in my DFFS NewForm with the current user using rules.
    If I use the default MS PeoplePicker the name is not validated and I get an error on Save unless I click on the Check Names button first.
    If I use SPJS Autocomplete the field does not appear to get populated when I use a DFFS rule to write to the field.
    If I use a text field type I can use the SP ‘Default Value’ =[Me] (but gives me the wrong name property).
    My ideal would be a SPJS Autocomplete field that I can populate with a DFFS rule and not have to validate/click afterwards. Is this possible? Many thanks

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry, but the autocomplete does not trigger when you set the value by a rule in DFFS.

    You should be able to do this using “Set field value” in a DFFS rule using this in the “Value” field:


    How is it you are filling the fields when you must hit the validate button?


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