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    Ivan Wilson

    I’m having problems with trying to update fields after the cascading dropdowns have been initialized. I’m calling spjs.casc.init rather than using the cascading dropdown tab.

    I’m using a people picker field to look up and set the appropriate values for the dropdown. This works great prior to calling the spjs.casc.init method. However, once the cascading dropdowns have been set up, using setFieldValue for the underlying fields does not update the dropdowns. I’ve also tried calling spjs.casc.init and spjs.casc.clear, but without much luck.

    How can I update these fields/dropdowns after spjs.casc.init has run? Alternatively, is there a way to programmatically remove the cascading dropdowns so that I can set the fields and then cal spjs.casc.init again?

    I’m using v4.4.3.24 of DFFS

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    Alexander Bautz

    Have you tried to enable “debug” to see that the value is actually set in the field?

    If it is – is there a valid option in the dropdown with the same value as the value set in the textfield?


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