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    Keith Hudson

    I’m looking for suggestions on how to update DFFS in a production site without disrupting use of the site.

    Initial install is accomplished easily by mapping a network drive to the site, then using Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer) to drag the DFFS folder containing all the dffs files into the SPJS document library.

    I would like to figure out a way to upgrade to a newer version of DFFS that meets these requirements:
    1. Allows me to Drag and drop the new DFFS folder into SharePoint
    2. Allows me to roll back to the older version of DFFS if moving forward creates any issues
    3. Shows me at a glance which version of DFFS I am currently using, and which version was previously being used.

    Has anyone else figured out a good way to do this?

    I have added a metadata column to my SPJS doc library called “VersionDate” which shows in the default view of the library. I WISH I could populate that field for a folder, but SharePoint doesn’t allow that, so I’ve made up a workaround. I upload a text file to the root of the SPJS library that I call DFFS Version Record, and in it I record changes to the DFFS version for that library. I then edit the properties of the DFFS Version Record file to record the date of the version of DFFS I am currently using in the site. That gives me quick visibility to the version I currently have installed.

    My first attempt to upload a new version by dragging in a folder named “DFFS-2017-02-25” with the newer version of DFFS, then renaming my old folder “DFFS_Old” and renaming my new folder to “DFFS” failed.

    Any ideas?

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    Keith Hudson

    I must have fat-fingered something the first time I tried renaming my DFFS folder, because I just tried it again and it worked like a charm.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry the the late reply – I had a little pileup in my inbox. I may have mentioned this earlier, but in the next version (still not 100% ready I’m afraid) you will be able to add a folder “DFFS_NEXT” and use a URL key to test-load the new version in a form to test it.

    PS: You can set the Folder metadata in quick edit / datasheet view.


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