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    Hi Alexander,
    I am using the above solution but was wondering if you could expand on it. I would like to do three more things with it.
    1) I would like to be able to Nest Web parts under one Tab. So I would have Web Parts A, B, and C under tab named ABC and all 3 web parts would display when tab clicked or be hidden when another Tab is selected.
    2) Can an Expand All Tab be added so that when it is selected all Web Parts using that particular WebPartTabs CEWP would expand?
    3) Possibly make each solution exclusive to the Web Part Zone it is implemented in?
    These features would be awesome for this!

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    Oh, and a question regarding this code. It is picking up the List Name as the Title of the Tab if I do not specify one, which is fine, but it is inserting a % in the name. So if the list name is List Name….it is showing as List N%ame as the Tab Title.
    I have not seen a common denominator for where the % will appear….

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m sorry, but its been more than 6 yeas since I published this solution and I simply cannot find time to update it.

    Have you searched the web to see if there are other similar solutions?


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