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    I’ve been trying to find some hints here and though I saw something that might go the direction I need, but I’m unable to find it anymore:(

    I have a calendar list which contains a vLookup to a doc lib. I can query the entries fine and also show values (well not all, lookupfields are not sown but this might be my old version).

    Now since this chils list has many properties the form get’s really wide, which isn’t really comfortable for the user to look at.
    Is it possible to format this view to have them kind of boxed up?

    Or is there a possibility to get the values of those looked up items and just put them into fields on a tab I created via html?

    I use the vlookup since I can’t know how many items there are. But if I could just query the items in the background and fill them into a fixed form that might work as well.

    Thanks for suggestions

    Verion: switching to the latest release soon, still the parent is a calendar list…


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    Alexander Bautz

    In later versions of vLookup you can set a fixed width on each field in a vLookup table to control the width, but there is not built in method to box it up. You might be able to use Custom CSS in DFFS to set the width of each column:


    Change the “nth-child(x)” to match the number of columns from the left.


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    This looks great, thanks
    I’m going to implement it and then hopefully my users like it too 😉

    Best regards,

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