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    Hi Alexander,

    Is there a way to position the cursor to a specific field after Rules have been fired?
    I’ve got a bunch of Content Types and a Managed Metadata field which uses the set field value in a rule.

    Once rule is triggered, if I click in an empty text field and click Save all works fine, but if I just click Save I get error:
    “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: Term Id”. (attached)

    If you can please provide a script that can click in a text field after rules are fired, this would help me seal the deal for DFFs SCA license purchase.
    Ask if you need more details?

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    Hi Alexander,
    From further testing, are you able to provide a script to click out of the Managed Metadata box from a function in a Rule?
    The last field on the form is this “Doc” Managed Metadata field and it seems to work when I click on anywhere else on the form, then I click Save button.
    I’ve been Googling this and I was leaning towards a jQuery .focusout method, is that right?
    Your help is much appreciated.

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    Alexander Bautz

    You can try adding this to your Custom JS and call the function from the “Run these functions / trigger these rules” in the rule:

    function focusOnTitle(){
        jQuery("#dffs_Title input:text").focus();
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    Thank you Alexander that worked perfectly.
    I also changed it to use the filename column:

    jQuery("#dffs_FileLeafRef input:text").focus();

    SCA license purchase will follow shortly now that my Manager is impressed DFFS could do what Nintex Forms couldn’t.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad we got it sorted 🙂


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