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    Patrice Geyen

    I cannot seem to get the trigger on a people picker field to work on either “is changed” or “is changed from initial value” in the NewForm or EditForm. In debugging the simple rule I created to merely set a field’s value on change I get the error “Match = False”; it doesn’t register that the field has changed from null to a person’s name. I am using the latest DFFS files, my server is running SP2013 back-end even though I’m still on the 2010 front-end. I was told this rule/trigger had been working prior to our 2013 upgrade. Is it because of the configuration of the display name in 2013? Is there a solution for this trigger?

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    Alexander Bautz

    I have tried to fix some issues with these triggers in the latest “BETA” that I posted yesterday – you find it here

    Could you try this and let me know is it fixes the issues?


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    Patrice Geyen

    Yes, the trigger on the people picker field worked on both “is changed from Initial Value” and “is changed” Thank you!

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