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    Keith Hudson

    We have a list on which the default New Form somehow got corrupted and could not be seen in SharePoint Designer. We were able to fix the form (or at least so we think), but now when we install DFFS on the new form, the overlay fires when the page loads, but the page does not display “Enhanced with DFFS” at the bottom of the form.

    We can go into the DFFS configuration from the DFFS Installer page using the “Direct to Backend” link, but none of the changes we make on the form change the look or behavior of the form.

    Interestingly, the SharePoint Save and Cancel buttons do not show at the bottom of the form as they normally would on a new form.

    I’m not even sure where to start troubleshooting this. I’ve looked at the developer tools while loading the page and see some unmatched end tags that seem to be associated with the rendering of data time picker controls, but that is not within my control.

    Any hints or tips on how to troubleshoot this?

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    Alexander Bautz

    I have seen some guides online about recreating a deleted form so it behaves just like the original form, but I haven’t tested it myself.

    In DFFS however, you need the form to have it’s original name “NewForm.aspx” – if the original form is lost, you should try renaming “NewForm2” to “NewForm”.

    Let me know how it works out.

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