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    Hi Alex,

    Can you please help explain how to filter the additional charts, as I am struggling to follow the instructions. I keep getting syntax errors (apologies, I’m pretty new to CAML)

    I want the graph on the left to drive the graph on the right. Can you help explain where and in what format I need to add the new CAML and how to ‘consume’ it in the other one?

    Much appreciated as always.

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    Hi Alex,

    As per usual, a few hours later and some perseverance I sussed it. I think part of the issue was I had copied the correct layout from the comments but the inverted commas weren’t being recognised – I was constantly getting an unrecognised format error. A quick update in notepad, plus working out where exactly in the custom CAML it went, and its working beautifully.

    Many thanks for some excellent work again.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I’m glad you figured it out!


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