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    Hi Alexander,

    in the E-Mail and Print Tab is it possible to set the “From” Mail to either a specific mail account or the mail account of the currently logged in user?


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    Alexander Bautz

    Sorry, the “From” address will be the one specified for the server (in the outgoing email settings in central administration) if you are on premises, and “no-reply@sharepointonline.com” if you are on Office 365.


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    Hi Alexander,

    many thanks for this reply. for the same topic i am looking into the possibility to send emails to adistribution group specified?

    is this possible?


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    Alexander Bautz

    It depends on how your exchange server is configured – if the sender of the email (the account in the from field when you receive the email) doesn’t have necessary rights on this distribution list you won’t be able to send to it.


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