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    In your more recent versions (9-4-2017 & 8-17-2017 & maybe others) there is an issue when using “is changed” for multi-select checkbox type fields. The rule is only fired on the first change or first checked box. It should be firing and used to fire each time a checkbox is checked. I am attempting to call a custom js function each time the field is changed to make sure the user isn’t checking “None” in addition to other values. If I call the function manually in the console it works as expected but is not being fired on the change of any checks subsequent to the first check.

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    Alexander Bautz

    Just updating to let others in on what we found. I have fixed it in the version currently in the BETA folder in the download section. This version should be OK for prod, but I have one small thing to sort out before I can post an official new version.


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