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    Looking for a custom function compatible with DFFS and vLookup that would change field labels based on a value I’m passing from the parent item to the child item.

    For example, if I pass the value “New Job” into the Request Type field my visible fields would read Start Date, End Date, Task Manager, and Client Contact. If I pass the value “Revised Task” into the Request Type field, I want my visible fields to read Revised Start Date, Revised End Date, Revised Manager, etc.

    See screenshots below.

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    Alexander Bautz

    I don’t have a function in DFFS that does this, but you can do it like this in a custom function in the Custom JS textarea:

    Use this line to change the label of a SBS field – “FieldNumber1” is the FieldInternalName:


    Use this to set the label of a standard field not in SBS configuration:


    If you pass this key in the URL from the vLookup “prefill value in child”

    FieldNumber1=New label

    you can use this code to set the value:


    Hope this helps,

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