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Post requests and questions in this post, but be patient awaiting reply or solution examples. This is a “one man blog” and i have limited time to answer questions. There will be less activity during the summer months, but i will keep posting new solutions, only on a slightly smaller scale.

I’m open to requests!
I get many ideas on things to write about from my readers, feel free to make requests on things you would like to learn more about.

I will, from the best of my knowledge (and time), answer your questions.

Post requests as comments to this post.


Use the rating on the request to vote them up, thus “forcing” me to answer them…

The comments are split into pages with 25 top level comments per page, and the last page displayed by default. Use the links at the bottom of the page to read older comments.

Welcome to my blog!


You find newly added posts on the right side of the screen. All previously posts are found in the “Archives”, and you can search for keywords in the top right corner of the front page.

How to post code in comments
How to troubleshoot when the scripts does not work
How to use these scripts in a customized form

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Requests are posted in the Request’s post.