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DFFS v4.4.3.0

After a loooong BETA period, and quite a few modification to DFFS and the plugins, I’m finally ready with a new production release.

There are a few nice additions like better backup / restore functionality with support for creating restore points, and new loader functionality that lets you load different DFFS versions side by side in the same site. This way you can do a gradual upgrade of DFFS  – one form at the time.

Please read the full change log to see all changes. You find the change log here:

Follow the download link here to get the new package.

Please note that the user manual hasn’t been updated yet, but I’ll do my best to update the manual within a few days.

Please post questions in the appropriate forum:

Best regards,


DFFS New BETA version finally ready

I have uploaded a new BETA version of DFFS and plugins.

I’m sorry for the long delay from the previous BETA, and that I cannot give you a production ready release.

Based on feedback from the previous BETA I had to do some changes to how multichoice field triggers was handled, and this turned out to be a bit more complicated than I first anticipated.

When I was at it, I ended up doing quite a bit more work to enhance the DFFS backend experience – with for example better version control and backup and restore functionality.

Read the change log and get the DFFS-package here, and please post any feedback in the forum.

Best regards,

Status update on the latest DFFS BETA

I have spent a lot of time last week and in the weekend trying to sort out some problems with “on-change rules” that surfaced in the last BETA version. Due to the changes in the “debug output”, it became clear that there were some issues that needed attention. The problem is related to using multiple rules on the same trigger – for example a multi choice field.

This means I’ll have to do some changes to how the “on-change rules” are handled, and release a new BETA – hopefully later this week or next weekend.


DFFS: New BETA version

I have made some changes to how jQuery loads using the “noConflict” loading option to ensure the correct version of jQuery is loaded, and that it’s not killed by other third party code loading jQuery again in the same page.

I need some feedback on how this performs before I can move it out of BETA. Please post any findings in the forum.

If it for some reason fails to load, please open the developer console by hitting F12 > Console and post any error messages you find there.

I have also added a new functionality to DFFS that lets “Linked rules and functions” (previously “And these rules or functions are true / false”) work “on change” to trigger the parent rule when the parent rule and all linked rules are validated to “true”. This setting must be turned on for each rule by checking the “Let linked rules trigger the parent rule on change” checkbox.

This functionality should make it easier to set up more complex rules.

You find the full changelog here.

Best regards,

New version of the DFFS package

I have released a new DFFS package with a few new features and some bugfixes – you find the change log here.

The autocomplete plugin has been brushed up a bit, and the cascading dropdown plugin now supports an initial filter.

Both these plugins have gotten a new page with setup instructions – you find it in the products menu under DFFS plugins.

Post any comments in the forum.