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SPJS Charts for SharePoint v6.1.3

I have released v6.1.3 of SPJS Charts for SharePoint. You find the change log here:

I have tried to address the problem with using SPJS Charts for SharePoint with IE on SharePoint 2010.

Please post any feedback in the forum:

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SPJS Charts for SharePoint v6.1.0

After some delays I have finally released SPJS Charts for SharePoint v6.1.0. this is a complete rewrite of the query and filter from v6.0.0 and adds much more flexible filter options and eases the setup as you no longer need to user Custom CAML when you want to use filters.

You find the change log here.

Please post any questions in the forum.

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SPJS Charts for SharePoint v6.0.1 BETA 3

After BETA 2 where I made some major changes to how the filters where handle, I realized that I needed to make some more changes to the query part to let you use filters without the need to use a Custom CAML query.

I have therefore released a new BETA 3 that makes it easier to set up the filters. You can still use Custom CAML, but you don’t have to.

Unfortunately this change will require you to reconfigure any existing charts you have that uses filters. This is an easy fix that requires that you remove the CAML where you used {filter:key} to pick up the filters.

I recommend un-checking the “Use custom CAML” and use a list view in stead (selected in Basic setup).

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this change brings, but I’m sure it will make the setup easier an more straight forward for all that doesn’t “speak CAML”.

The user manual has been updated with the latest changes.

Please post any bugs, comments or suggestions in the forum.


SPJS Charts for SharePoint v6.0.1 BETA 2

I have fixed the bugs reported in the previous BETA 1 version and updated to BETA 2. I believe most of the issues should be addressed now, but I need some more feedback to be certain it is ready for “production”.

You find the complete change log here, and please post questions and feedback in the forum.

Happy new year!